Monday, August 11, 2014

So Long...

ROBIN WILLIAMS (1951-2014)

Today, actor/comedian ROBIN WILLIAMS is suspected to have taken his life.  Depression is the alleged cause because his wife said he's been battling depression of late.  Ironic, since his entire professional life was based around making others laugh.

I've oftentimes said that we can't know anyone fully in this life, except ourselves.  So, to many, he may have been a happy-go-lucky guy who was supremely talented.  And, for much of his life, maybe he was.

But today.

And yesterday.

His wife says he was depressed.

And we all know.  Or should know...that...

Severe depression kills.

Whatever he was going through, I hope and pray his children, his wife, his siblings, parents, friends, whomever...loved him.

And I hope even more that he KNEW he was loved.

I don't believe I'm everything I want to be.  Nor everything I was born to be.

But I know I'm LOVED.

That much...

I know for sure.

So long, Robin.

I wish your spirit well.

Side Note:  Just yesterday I began watching his film, The BIRDCAGE, again.  Maybe my spirit knew something that I simply didn't at the time.  Well, I'll finish watching the film tonight...God willing.

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