Thursday, September 4, 2014

Showed UP And Showed OUT!


 STEVE HARVEY flew me to Chicago last Monday, Labor Day, to send me out on a date with the YouTube cooking sensation, "AUNTIE FEE."  Haaaa!

EVERYBODY wants a piece of her!  EVERYBODY!!!  Jimmy Kimmel has had her on.  TMZ had her!  Now, Steve!  Rachael Ray wants her.  I mean, EVERYBODY!

I'm sure the show's producers thought I'd show up and Auntie Fee and I would exchange funny asides (we did that), but I accepted this experience with the SOLE INTENTION of treating the woman like a QUEEN!  And I'm PROUD to say, that's PRECISELY what I did!  By the end of our lunch date, she wanted us to go out and do something else.  I suggested taking her to see a play here in L.A.

Yes, over our meal, we talked about EVERYTHING.  Her life has indeed been assailed by any number of setbacks, but she's still HERE!  And doing what she loves---COOKING---may very well turn her life around for the BETTER!

I wish her the VERY BEST!  She's a great lady!!!!!

I can't wait to see the episode in a few weeks!!!!!!

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