Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Partly Cloudy

Today I received the results back from my colonoscopy.  I'm THRILLED to say that there were NO polyps spotted.

What I'm NOT thrilled about is that my colon WASN'T completely clear of "debris."  I was told to only eat clear foods the day before the procedure.  So, I thought the chicken broth I purchased would do the trick.

Well, when I opened the broth, I noticed that it wasn't clear like I'm used to.  It was cloudy.  Who knew that organic free range broth looks different than regular broth?  I sure didn't.

When I looked at one of the images of my colon, I felt like a heel for not being thoroughly cleaned out.  I know I should be happy that after the cloudy liquid was vacuumed out of my colon, there were no polyps visible.  And I AM happy about that.  But dangit, I pride myself on being the consummate patient.  I wanted to be applauded by the doctor for having a colon as clean as the Board Of Health!  But, oh no, that damn cloudy broth effed me up!

In today's consultation I was told that since my colon wasn't whistle clean, I should come back within five years and have another colonoscopy.  So, I'll do just that.


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