Monday, December 8, 2014

Postcard From The Edge

One of my fave fraternity brothers, JEFFREY, sent me a text of this pic a few days ago.  It's a postcard I sent to the mother of another fraternity brother waaaaaaay back in January 1988!!!  He found it when he was just at his parents' house, cleaning out the place after the recent death of his father.  At the time I sent that postcard I had just moved to NYC from Indianapolis and wanted to reach out to one of the kindest ladies I had ever met.  Heck, I really got to know her when I begged her to come see my one-man show at The Indianapolis Civic Theatre.  And by golly, she came!  And brought people with her!!!!!

Mrs. MARY M. SPOERLE earned her heavenly wings back in January 2013.

I hope and pray she can see me writing this posting about her.  It really makes me feel SUPER SPECIAL that she held on to the postcard all these years.

She was one helluva lady.

And always will be!!!
Mrs. Mary M. Spoerle 

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