Saturday, December 20, 2014

Toys, Glorious Toys

In just a bit, I'm gonna attend a "12 Days Of Christmas" party.  Guests gain entry by either bringing a toy for a girl AND a boy, or making a cash donation.  I've decided to bring toys.  I went to BIG LOTS and found a group of dolls I had never heard of:  KENYA Fashion Madness.  I hope the little girl who gets 'em LOVES 'em!

For a little boy, I got (2) Hot Wheels Monster Trucks.  He'd better love 'em, too!!!

Heck, if the boy wants the dolls and the girl wants the truck, so be it!  Let's just say I got toys for KIDS!  ALL kids!  So, there! :)

All my adult life I've done what I can do to make life better for others.  So, tonight, here's to enjoying a cocktail, something good to eat, and giving away some cool toys!

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