Monday, March 30, 2015

A New Donn, A New Day, A New Life

Today I was treated to lunch by a friend.  A friend who defied all odds and got a sweet taste of how it feels to earn a helluva good living as a Hollywood actor.  A friend who used his earnings to buy a beautiful condo, and help out friends and family members with some of their money woes.

That helluva good living came.  And went.  Unfortunately, it didn't go quietly into the good night.  It screeched and squealed and undoubtedly caused him a tear or ten million.  But he's STILL here!  He's STILL hopeful.  And he's immeasurably THANKFUL for any and all assistance I may have extended his way over the past few years.

Today's lunch was intended to show me GRATITUDE.

Dear God...Dear Universe...I thank you for allowing me to BE the friend I want to have.  I freely, willingly, happily and consistently share whatever talents and funds I have with others to make life just thismuch sweeter.  For them.  And for me.

I wish the very best for my friend as he continues his climb back to professional and financial fulfillment.  No, I can't pay all his bills for him.  But I can and WILL continue to show him RESPECT, DEVOTION and KINDNESS for as long as we both shall live.

As long as he keeps trudging forward, he WILL prevail.  Talking to him today at lunch showed me that there's...

It's a new Donn.  It's a new Day.  It's a new Life for him.

And that makes me feel good!

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