Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Fighter

"This scarring is a constant reminder of the unwarranted brutality many officers indulge in. I sustained this injury from being struck in my skull 5 times with an ASP baton by an officer who mistook me for a criminal. Had it not been for my adrenaline rushing and a comrade stepping in to pull the officer off of me I may not be here or with a properly functioning mind, and my daughter would be fatherless in one way or another. I didn't realize I'd been wounded until someone saw the blood running down my chest. I've defended myself against aggressive officers and avoided incarceration. I've overpowered officers and survived. So my perspective is a bit different than most. Its not as easy as simply following the law and doing what the police ask you to do. I've been harassed by police since I was a boy and I have NEVER been a criminal. All that being said I understand the frustrations of those in Baltimore, Ferguson, New York, etc... Black males of all ages are being mowed down like blades of grass daily. We must put our petty differences aside and become more cohesive. Light skin, dark skin. This gang, that gang. Your block, my block. All trivial, foolish, and inconsequential in the big picture. The more divided any group is the easier it is to attack. Tragedy shouldn't be the only force that truly brings us together. And in spite of the justifiable rage many of us feel, destroying one's own community is fruitless. Yes it highlights the collective frustrations of some but it is ultimately counterproductive. It also provides cover for others with ill intent to perpetrate crimes and tears the focus away from the real issue. Energies and emotions need to be focused on avenues of progress and on bringing those to justice who inflicted the pain. The corrupt precincts, officers, and judicial representatives. Rally. Protest. Create and sign petitions. Draft bills. Change legislation. Arm yourselves within your legal rights. Always defend yourself and protect your loved ones. And while fighting for change pursue education and achieve. Work to occupy the positions that give YOU the power and means to affect real and more expeditious change in your community." 

                                                                                                    --- Zeus Luby

#‎PrayforChange‬  ‪#PrayforPeace‬  #‎PrayforBaltimore

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