Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Even A Good Man Is Tempted

This past Sunday, in Lafayette, LA, my fave Texan, DENZEL WELLS, made his stage debut in Jeremy Cormier's Even A Good Man Is Tempted.

After we solved a contractual issue, the young fella had a BLAST!

He portrayed the lawyer son of legendary R&B songstress, Shirley Murdock.  And from what she says on her Twitter, she adored him!

Denzel's super supportive mother had a dang good time, too!  I'm sure seeing her son up on that stage was a true treat for her!!!!

God bless, DENZEL, SHIRLEY and JEREMY for getting the show up!  Now, Jeremy can concentrate on his next move!!!!!!  I wish him, the cast and crew the very best!

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