Saturday, December 19, 2015

Brick House

When I was in college back in the '80s, I thought my fraternity house was enormous!  It comfortably housed more than 70 of us.  And I LOVED it!!

Almost 10 years ago, that house was demolished.

In 2006, the new house, designed by my Pledge Brother, Jim Riddle, was built right next door.

Now, here it is 2015 and fraternity houses are BIGGER and BOLDER than ever!  Just take a peek at the newly renovated Beta Theta Pi house at The University of Oklahoma.

All I've got to say about their house is...


p.s.  Oh, I also wonder each member pays per month to live there!  I betcha it isn't the $350.00 I had to pay!!!!!!!!

Oklahoma House Tour from Beta Theta Pi on Vimeo.

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