Saturday, December 26, 2015

Twas The Day After Christmas

Well, well, here it is the day after Christmas and I'm at home chillin'!

Last night, I actually went out for Christmas dinner at Saddle Ranch Chop House on Sunset Blvd.  My reservation was for 7:45 PM.  After valeting the car, I walked inside the joint and it was JAM-PACKED!!!!!!!!!!  Honestly, every generation known to man was represented!  I saw babies, children, young adults, folks in their 30s, 40s, 50s and even 60+!!!!!

After dinner, my friend, Donald, and I headed out to hit a few bars.  Yep, bars were open on Christmas night.  We stopped at three of 'em and drank at two!  I'll say this much about myself: whenever I know I'll have a couple drinks, I drink TONS of water while I'm at the establishment.  In fact, I pace myself by having water with each drink.

I have aged out of partying at one of my former favorite spots, The Abbey.  Well, I've aged out of partying there at night, but early afternoons/evenings are fine.  You know, "mature" folks need to be in bed by 10 PM!  Ha!!  I was there late last night, so I got a good view of young people doing what young people do.  Hell, what I used to do as a young person!  God bless 'em.  God bless 'em!  :)

Tomorrow, it's back at my volunteer gig with the elderly.  It'll be great to see them and find out how they're enjoying this holiday season.  Being in their presence isn't a "job" or a burden.  It's a PRIVILEGE!!!!!

A privilege I'm soooooooooo THANKFUL to have been given!!!!

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