Sunday, January 31, 2016

Uber Friendly


This would ONLY happen to ME!

En route to The Abbey earlier tonight, I stopped at a traffic light.  I made eye contact with a young man who was standing on the sidewalk, glancing at his phone.  The way he peered into the car I just KNEW he thought I was an Uber driver. And sure enough, he walked right up to the car and reached for the door.

As a rule, I keep my doors locked while driving, so, after giving him a quick once-over, I thought, 'what the hell', and unlocked the doors.

The kid jumped into the back seat, and I asked, "Are you waiting for an Uber?" 

He said, "Yes."

I told him, "Well, I'm not an Uber, but what the hell, I'll drive you where you wanna go."

He said, "What? Are you for real?"

 I said, "Yep!"

He told me he wanted to go to Park LaBrea.  I said, "Okay," then we proceeded to talk our butts off.  He's a 25-year-old nurse from Michigan who now works at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

And, I'm happy to say, he's also my new FB friend!

I tell ya, I know folks will tell me it's dangerous to pick up "strangers."  Well, I'll tell those folks: a.) I have never met a stranger.  b.) With all the gruesome murders deaths caused by spouses, is it dangerous to get married, too?

The really interesting aspect of this story is that the guy's Uber driver told him he'd be driving a brand new, black Chevy Malibu.  Well, that's PRECISELY the car I'm driving, so I understand why the fella thought I was his Uber.

He offered me money.

I declined.

We both agreed that this experience was The Universe's way of telling him to pay it forward!!!!!

I sure hope he listened!

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