Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The New Normal Writing Contest

Issa Rae

Ahh, writer/producer/actor Issa Rae has teamed with Project Greenlight Digital Studios to create a new writing contest: The New Normal Writing Contest.

Guess who's gonna take a shot at it!!!!!

It's right up my alley, 'cause it's a contest in search of writers for mini-TV shows, no more than 10 minutes per episode!

Well, since working for Front Seat Chronicles, I've become a pro at writing five-minute pieces!  So, I'm good!  The contest's rules state that the theme of the contest is "Trophy."  And that means I have to come up with a series idea that revolves around someone or multiple folks working to win something.  And that something can be whatever my imagination can create!!!

Now, all I've gotta do is come up with my main story!

I tell ya, a writer's list of "things to do" is ALWAYS lookin' to add to it!!!!!!!

So, let me get to writin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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