Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dental Implant - Do or Don't?

Two days ago I had a lower, right molar extracted.  Tooth #31.  Apparently I had cracked it or something.  I believe I injured it as a result of bruxism (teeth grinding).  Anyway, once the tooth was pulled, the dentist reiterated that an implant would be his recommendation.

That's where I am now.  Do I or don't I?

The cost of an implant is pretty damn steep.  At least $3500.  And I pay out of pocket, so I have to watch every penny.

I'm online right now, searching the internet, reading testimonials of the pros and cons of implants.  99% of what I'm reading is from folks who agree with my dentist.  In fact, I've read only one testimonial from a disgruntled customer of an implant.  And, whew, she was plenty disappointed.

Geez!  I've got some serious thinking to do.  Tomorrow, I'm gonna go to my dentist and get a printout of all necessary costs, then go from there.


I wanna live WITH 'em.  DON'T wanna live WITHOUT 'em!


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