Monday, May 9, 2016

Still Alive At Thirty-Five

This past weekend, I hopped into the car and drove to Palm Springs!!  I'm tellin' you, what a beautiful place!

Anyway, I went to attend my boy's 35th Birthday celebration!

Um, when I turned 35, I didn't quite look like him, but I was feelin' pretty dang good nonetheless, 'cause I was preparing for my move from Brooklyn, NY to L.A!!!!!!!  I didn't actually move, though, 'til two weeks after my 36th birthday on January 9th, 2000!

The day after David's party, I checked out of my cute lil' motel, The Monroe Palm Springs...

and drove through a couple of PS's ritzy neighborhoods.  One property on that drive really knocked me out!!  It's hard to see it clearly in these pics, but it was a stunner!!!

Since moving here to L.A., I think I've now been to Palm Springs half a dozen times or so.  And each time is more fun than the last!!!!!

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