Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Huff & Puff

Whew!  I learned something new today.

Okay, so it wasn't so new.

Let's just say, something was PROVEN to me today.

I am NOT in as good a shape as I thought I was!

This morning, a young fella invited me to hike a mountain he just recently discovered.  And like a fool fun and adventurous friend, I accepted.

Lawd, I had no idea the mountain was inside my go-to park: Griffith.  But it was on a side of the park I haven't explored.

Honestly, it was uphill on rocky terrain.  And this ol' boy was POOPED!

I mean, I had to stop two or three times before we reached the summit; just so I could catch my breath!

That's a dang shame, too, 'cause I walk in the park every, single day.  But on FLAT LAND!  And that makes one helluva difference.

By the time we reached the mountaintop, I wanted to scream, THANK YOU, JESUS!  You know what?  I think I DID!

Some kind soul had left a notebook and a pen at the summit so that all us crazy folks who dare hike up there could write down what we were thinking.  So, you know I did just that!  I simply said 2017 is gonna be a GREAT year for me!  And that's what I believe!

I think I had better tackle this mountain several more times until it's as easy familiar to me as the daily walking I usually do.

What I know for sure is...

My HEART would appreciate it!

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