Tuesday, January 10, 2017

So Long

Today was President Barack Obama's farewell address.

It's over.

Eight years.

Gone!  Just like that!

He headed back to Chicago to say farewell.

I wonder if my sister attended the event.  I'll have to call her to ask.

Anyway, on the 20th, he turns over the reins of power to a new President.

A new President I did NOT vote into office.

A new President who is proving himself to be quite "different" from ALL his predecessors.  But enough about that cat!  It's all about President Barack Obama at the moment.

He has endured ZERO, public, family scandals.

He and Michelle have gone HIGH when detractors went LOW.

I haven't agreed with all of his actions, but, heck, I don't even agree with all MINE, either.

I applaud his hand in health reform.

I applaud his hand in marriage equality.

Farewell, President Barack Obama.

Farewell, First Lady Michelle Obama.

Despite my wariness about President-elect Donald J. Trump, I will not wish failure on his incoming administration.

Because I am an American.

A PROUD and THANKFUL American.

So long, Obama Family.  I wish you, and every living being on this planet, the very BEST life has to offer!

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