Friday, February 17, 2017

I Love A Rainy Night

I tell ya, we don't get much rain here in southern California, but when we do, I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It rained all day today.  All.  Damn.  Day.

And I LOVED it!

I still went to the park.

I still ran errands.

I'm tellin' you, I loved it!!!

Now, the rain has stopped.  Still some sprinkles, but no real rain.

Dang near every night, I listen to a CD of thunder and rain.  It puts me to sleep.  Tonight will be no different.  If it was really raining, that'd be a treat, but since it isn't, the CD will have to do.  Per usual.

Nothin' like the rain!

I sure love a rainy night (and day)!!!!

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