Monday, June 5, 2017

I'm Baaaaaaack

Well, well, well, it appears I haven't posted a dang thing since May 23rd.

Well, I'm BACK, BEOTCHES!  Haaaa!

Truth be told, I've been running around, trying to do as much living as I can before Season 19 of Big Brother begins.  I mean, not traveling the world or anything, but Cali living!

I've got a few more activities I'm determined to do before year's end.

Skydiving is tops on the list!  I've been wanting to do it for ages, but have never really looked into it.  Well, now the time has come.  I'm gonna research taking that leap in mid-to-late September or so.  I think the experience will be awesome! And scary as heck!!!  We'll see what we see!

I also wanna drive along the Pacific Coast Highway.  Perhaps to San Francisco.  Or wherever my heart desires!  It's a dang shame, though, that I've lived here in Cali for 17 years and have never visited San Francisco yet.  I've been to Sacramento, but didn't have time to visit San Francisco during that trip.

Well, the Summer of 2017 is a new day!

I'm gonna enjoy every, single moment!!!!

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