Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Picture this: an eyewitness's testimony helps send a man to serve a 17-year sentence before authorities realize they've incarcerated the WRONG man!

If I were the eyewitness in the aggravated robbery case against Richard Jones, I, too, believe I might have gotten him mixed up with the actual perp!  I mean, geez, they do almost look identical!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Two Hearts Vulnerable

I don't know anything about the card game, Bridge. But today, during my glorious, volunteer time with the elderly, I met a true aficionado named Leah. I've seen her in the dining room before, but have never really spoken in depth with her 'til today. And boy, oh boy, what an eye-opening conversation had we.

She's 93 years blessed and has lived quite an interesting life. Originally from Michigan, she married there and had three children (two girls and a boy). While playing Bridge at a tournament in Michigan, she met a married man who lived in New York City. Long story short, they fell in love, left their respective spouses and got married!

Since the new hubby was in the tv business in New York City, she packed up her kids and moved to be with him. Ending their marriage devastated her first hubby. He shortly thereafter suffered a nervous breakdown. He eventually got himself back together and wound up marrying a friend of theirs. Just like me, he must have believed all's fair in love and war!

Leah turned her love affair into a book: Two Hearts Vulnerable. The novel's title marries her affair to her love of Bridge. I tell ya, I'm gonna have to buy this darn book! I wanna read all the stuff she might have...um...forgotten to tell me today! Haaa!

This is what Barnes & Noble wrote about Leah and her book:

"Leah Jay graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and went on to write articles published in Harper's Bazaar, the NEW York Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Women's Wear Daily, the Detroit News and the New York Times. She is a Silver Life Master in the American Contract Bridge League and has been published in the ACBL Bulletin. She conceived and wrote 10 documentaries on The Great Museum Cities of the World. An award winning series which played on public television. She wrote "The Champions" for NBC and the nationally syndicated NASCAR racing show entitled 'The Racers.'"

Novel's Overview:

"Rae Weller loved her husband. But early on she faced the fact that she was never "in love" with him. She didn't really believe that there was such a thing as "in love." Oh, she'd been around the block a few times, it never really meant anything beyond a guarantee for a bridge partner on Saturday night. An old buddy put it this way. Play well, pay well or lay well. Rae had never paid a professional. Then at a bridge tournament in New Orleans she met Matt Forsythe who couldn't play bridge at all. But the game he played sent shivers down her spine and sent her out to buy lace pantyhose. Was it the real thing? Two Hearts Vulnerable examines that premise from trick one."

When I return back to the residence, I'm looking forward to enjoying lunch with Leah again. The ol' gal has spunk and I like it!

A lot!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Today marks my brother's 53rd year on this planet!

He got one helluva kick outta the meme pictured above!

He liked it so much, he said he's gonna send it to other folks.


I like giving presents folks really enjoy!

See, oftentimes, the best things in life are indeed free!


I hope I come across something he enjoys even better on his 54th! :)

They Are What They Are

I know I am 54 years blessed.

But I don't feel much different than I felt when I was 34.

I truly don't.

But I look different.

At 34, there was no gray hair.


But the gray is alive and well now.

And I'm THANKFUL for that. 'Cause that means I'm STILL HERE!

I give gratitude for my 54, blessed years,

And my gray hair,

And my sun-kissed skin,

And for simply being HERE!

The physical changes that come with growing older are natural.

And inevitable.

Yep! They simply are what they are!

And I'm fine with that.

Yep! I'm fine with that!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Que Sera, Sera




#Will Be

Monday, April 9, 2018


If there is a sentiment truer than the one above, I have never heard it.

But I'm listening...

Those Pitches

Today was the day I made my pitches to a few, popular media outlets on behalf of two, hard-driving entrepreneurs I know and respect  immeasurably!

I am bound and determined to introduce both these young men and their businesses to the world!

Entrepreneur: TYSHAWN BRYANT

TYSHAWN hails from the rough and tumble Hartford, CT area and was raised by a single mother, and a praying grandmother. An outstanding basketball player, he thought he was headed to the NBA, but no such luck. He left Bucknell University and headed west to reinvent himself. In Hollywood, he found fast success in commercials (basketball-themed and regular). Professionally unfulfilled, he knew he wanted to create something that would allow him to retire his mother and live a lifestyle he believed he was born to live. Despite having no financial backing to speak of, he called upon a razor sharp focus, persistence, perseverance and an unrelenting work ethic to make his company what it is today.

Company: Green Regimen

Green Regimen is a premier, health and fitness company, committed to creating the most nutritious and best-tasting organic recipes and supplements in the sports, health and fitness market. Green Regimen's plant-based products have one mission in mind: promote and/or enhance a healthy quality of life.

You can learn more about the company on Instagram, YouTube and its Website.


Entrepreneur: QUINCY BRAXTON, ESQ. (Adoption Attorney)

QUINCY is an uber-ambitious and compassionate, 26-year-old attorney in the Los Angeles/San Diego areas. He has eleven siblings; three were adopted. The young man is a Renaissance Man if ever I've seen one.  Brains and beauty embrace him like white on rice.  Essence Magazine Online featured the Pepperdine Law graduate in its ridiculously popular Eye Candy photo series. He has incorporated his own firm and aims to demystify adoption and make the process a seamless and gratifying experience for adoptive parents and birthmothers.

Company: The Law Offices of Quincy Braxton

Areas of Expertise: Adoption and Surrogacy

You can learn more about the law firm on its Website and on Instagram.


I reached out to The Breakfast Club because the radio program reaches Millenials and "old heads," too. And because both gentlemen have a deep appreciation for Hip-Hop music. I figured both would enjoy chatting up and being tormented quizzed by Charlamagne Tha God & Co.

Since TYSHAWN's business is all about healthy living, it was a no-brainer to pitch him to The Doctors and The Dr. Oz Show.  Introducing the shows' hosts and audiences to his Elite Protein product, and demonstrating workout routines would be just what the doctor ordered (pun intended)!

Both shows feature human interest stories, too, so that's where QUINCY's discussion about adoption and surrogacy fits in nicely.

I suspect producers from the shows will get back to me when they get back to me. Or they won't.

Either way, TYSHAWN BRYANT and QUINCY BRAXTON, ESQ. are goin' places!

And I'm willing to move heaven and earth to help them get there!