Monday, May 21, 2018

Late Night Creep

Directed by Allen L. Sowelle
Written by Cam Montgomery Jr
Juan Gil as "Javier"
Charles Anteby as "Brad"

1st Grade Picture

Directed by Allen L. Sowelle
Written by Cam Montgomery Jr
Brandon Espy as "Alexander"
Ginger Marin as "Madeline"

Family Talk

Two days ago, I sat in the audience and watched Steve Harvey tape Family Feud. Since the studio is a hop and a skip away from my apartment, I just walked on over. At the end of his final taping for the day, he shared some inspiring words with us. He told us that if God had told him how difficult attaining his current success would be, he would never have pursued it. He would have quit.

He said that most people just look at really successful people and think attaining their success must have come much easier than it did. From September to July, he tapes all the different shows he hosts. His day starts at 4 or 4:30 AM each morning, Monday thru Friday. He tapes his radio show first, then heads over to Universal to tape his talk show. Again: FIVE days per week! Then, on weekends, he tapes Family Feud and the other shows. The man's work ethic is on steroids! Thus, so are his BLESSINGS!

When I returned home from Family Feud, I continued working on my writing submission to the Disney | ABC Writing Program. In fact, I wrote until I went to bed, then woke up Sunday and worked on my submission until 5:30 AM THIS morning! Hearing Steve in my head, I REFUSED to go to bed UNTIL I had electronically submitted the (2) scripts and other required materials to the program. What Steve asked us was, "Think about who you know who sleeps eight hours a night every night. Is that person poor?" Steve seems to think you can't know his kind of success and spend THAT much time sleeping!

Um, he might be on to somethin'! Haaaa!

I'm proud to say that by staying awake all night and early morning, I was able to complete and submit EVERYTHING! And my submission was PRECISELY as the Disney | ABC Writing Program folks dictated!

I submitted my own, original one-hour drama spec: yourself.

And my spec script for Being Mary Jane.

Now, what will be, will be!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dog Days of Summer

Sometime in August, a pretty darn cute film is gonna be released, and I hope everybody sees it.

No, you won't see me in it, but...

Let's just say this ol' dude might have a lil somethin' to do with it!

#PeepTheMoviePosters :) :) :)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother Day

To ALL mothers all over the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. This greeting is for HAPPY MOTHERS, thus, Happy Mother Day instead of the usual Happy Mother's Day!

There!  :)

Friday, May 11, 2018

What I Know For Sure

Whenever anyone tells me something, I never obsess over whether or not what they've told me is true.

What I know for sure is that ultimately, people tell us what they want us to believe.

If they want us to believe the truth, they'll tell us the truth.

If they want us to believe something other than the truth, they'll tell us something other than the truth.

Simple as that.

So, the next time someone tells you anything, remember, he's telling you what he wants you to believe.

Which...may be the truth.


May not be.

Simple as that.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Leave A Message

My cell phone rings infrequently. Actually, almost never! You see, I'm a texter to the core of my soul!

But on the rare occasions it does ring, NINE times out of TEN, the caller is someone named "SCAM LIKELY."

And NINE times out of TEN, this "Scam" person NEVER leaves a message.

I tell ya, identifying unwanted callers is probably one of the BEST things T-Mobile does for its customers.

I can't think of any other! :) :) :) :)