Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Therapy & Me

Today was my first session with a mental health specialist.

Her exact title is Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

She doesn't look like the specialists we usually see on television. She wore a sleeveless blouse, and her tatted arms were on vivid display. I even mentioned them to her.

She asked me if I would have any problem with having a white female therapist. I chuckled a bit, then told her that "some of my best friends are white females." Haaaaa! But they ARE! Gretchen, Trisha, Madeline (half white) and Shelley are tops on my list of GREAT FRIENDS!

I eventually told her that I prefer the company of women for just about everything...

Except romance! Haaaa!

I told her about having five sisters and being a mama's boy. So, women are now, and have always been, verrrrrrry essential to my well-being.

Suffice it to say, I wouldn't want any other mental health specialist than a woman. Men can kick rocks!

We discussed what motivated me to seek treatment. And now, we're gonna spend the next seven sessions exploring this little ol' mind of mine! We're gonna get to the bottom of why professional fulfillment and CAM Jr are like strangers that pass in the night.

I've gotta admit, I was kinda hopin' she had a chaise lounge, or a couch for me to recline on. But no such luck! I'll make the best of the little chair she has though.


2019 is shaping up to be one helluva TERRIFIC year!

And for that, I am immeasurably thankful.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

He Was My Brother

Yesterday, I was informed about the sudden death of one of my Brothers.

A Fraternity Brother.

He was 56. Born seven months before me; also in '63.

The Fiji House

When I joined Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity at Wabash College as a freshman, he was a sophomore.

He was handsome.




And outgoing as hell!

One semester, during my freshman year, I roomed with his best friend. He'd come into our room and wrestle with my roommate (who was a wrestler, by the way). And from time to time, they'd even toss me around!

His given name was James, but for some reason I never learned, we called him "Simmy" or "Sim Pup."

Years after we graduated, I contacted him and told him I was visiting California. He had moved to the Los Angeles area and gotten married. He was kind enough to meet up with me, and took me along to a birthday celebration for one of his wife's friends, a casting director.

After my visit, I didn't have much contact with him until I actually moved to Los Angeles. We linked up on Facebook, made small talk about meeting up for dinner, but we never actually did. Well, one time, we actually set a date. I showed up to the restaurant, but while waiting for him, he texted me that he couldn't make it after all. So, I just dined there alone.

Since then, we only communicated via Facebook and texts. And, ooooh, some of those texts were fiery!! Haaa! He seemed to get a kick out of playing devil's advocate on people's pages, engaging in arguments for the sake of getting folks' goat. He was a freakin' pro at it too!

Well, he's gone now. The story is that he died in his sleep. Just the way I wanna go when that time comes.

He leaves behind his worldly riches. Riches he had no problem telling you about. Haaa!

He leaves behind his only child: an 11-year-old son whose 12th birthday is next month.

He leaves behind his older brother, who is also in our fraternity. I'm not sure if his parents are alive. If they are, I wish them the very best.

We're BORN.

Hopefully, we LIVE.

Then we DIE.

The sad part is that many people are ALIVE, but not LIVING. From time to time, I count myself in that group. Simmy, though, LIVED!

He lived HARD.



I hope and pray that when his eyes closed for the final time, his HEART felt joy.

But I'll never truly know if that was his heart's ending.

It's up to me...RIGHT NOW...to make SURE a feeling of immense joy is MY heart's ending.

Goodbye, Brother Simmy.

Until we meet again...


Saturday, September 7, 2019


Yesterday saw the release of the debut single, THRONE, from singer/songwriter/actor/model CJ HAMMOND.

CJ is truly a talented and compassionate soul, so I'm wishing him the very best!

The song is meaningful, relatable and hella catchy! Its video depicts a young man fleeing his hometown to move to Hollywood to pursue his dream of acting. CJ pretty much did just that himself. Heck, many of us have. In the video, the young man realizes his dreams.

CJ and I and a host of others aren't leaving this dang town 'til we do the same!!!!

CJ, again, I wish you phenomenal success with this song! You're a go-getter and deserve all the success one man can handle.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Places To Be

Next week, I've got somewhere to be every, single day! And you know what? I like that!

As it stands, none of those places-to-be will pay me anything for being there, but I'll be happy to be there nonetheless.

By week's end, I hope to have attended a Q&A with a commercial casting director, an audition, a birthday bash, a meeting with a talent agent, and seen the good ol' orthodontist!

But this is showbiz! By 8pm tonight I could possibly book a gig (or three) that compel me to cancel outta dang near all next week's scheduled appointments.

Truth be told, I'd LOVE that to be the case! I haven't booked a gig since...well...since...I don't even remember when!

But MOOLAH is a-comin'!

And LOTS of it!

I wish a HAPPY WEEKEND to one and all!

Friday, August 23, 2019

With Friends Like This...

Yesterday, I went to the Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab to record an audition. While there, I also played around with a couple of other impromptu recordings.

I actually came up with the copy for that recording right on the spot. I wanted to record something provocative for consideration for my voice reel.

Based upon the responses to the recording on my IG and Facebook pages, I'd say it is indeed provocative. I even received a message from a woman who inquired where I got the copy from. I told her I wrote it myself, then she told me her ex-husband spoke those exact words to her during their marriage. She thought for sure I had gotten the copy from a film or something, because he always cut her down by quoting from films and books. Wow!

You can never know how your art will affect others.

I told the woman I wish her the very best. Especially since I actually know her ex-husband. Or, should I say, THOUGHT I knew him.

I'm gonna keep doing this voice-over thing until it makes me a multi-multi-millionaire! Haaaa!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Banner Health - I Got A Name

Well, the commercial I shot in Scottsdale, AZ has finally been released!


And it's sooooo dang heartfelt!

I portrayed a physical therapist in the spot, and I must admit, I look pretty dang authentic! Haaa! A real physical therapist from the hospital was standing nearby, to make sure my moves were realistic. He even allowed me to borrow his Apple watch! And yes, I gave it back to him when filming wrapped!

The commercial is a regional spot, so that means it'll run in the Arizona region only. Luckily for me, though, my friend, Gregor, is vacationing in AZ this week, so he saw it and texted me about it!

Booking that commercial was the first time I had ever been flown somewhere to shoot. I tell ya, I loved every single moment of that experience.

I highly recommend staying at Hotel Adeline when in the Scottsdale area. My room was comfy, and the front desk guy offered me a free spin on one of those dang scooters that you see all over cities these days. I didn't use it, though, because the last thing I wanted was to hurt myself before filming! That would have been awful!

Yeah, I'm telling the Universe right now that I know this was the first of many great bookings to come!! And that I'm immeasurably THANKFUL for each and every one!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Conversations With CAM

"Conversations With CAM"

Last Wednesday, I attended a terrific Q&A with Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Lear, moderated by Anthony Anderson.

I have to admit, throughout the entire Q&A, I imagined moderating the event my dang self! Anthony was fine, but CAM Jr would have chatted up Jimmy and Mr. Lear like we were old pals.

Jamie Foxx and Wanda Sykes - The Jeffersons

Woody Harrelson and Marisa Tomei - All In The Family

Jimmy and Mr. Lear talked about producing the live, staged performances of Mr. Lear's The Jeffersons and All In The Family.

I haven't seen the broadcast yet, but I'm gonna watch it as soon as I finish this post!

After the Q&A, guests were treated to a fabulous poolside barbeque. The sumptuous buffets and open bars made us guests feel like a million bucks!

Gorgeous synchronized swimmers came out and performed a beautiful routine in the sparkling blue pool. I'd post a video clip of their performance, but I don't have music clearances for the songs used, so my word will have to do!

The first image on this post is a photo op guests were allowed. I jumped at the chance to sit at that desk as if I was hosting my own show. I've fantasized about my own talk show for decades. And, yes, the name of it would be CONVERSATIONS WITH CAM. And my guests and I would simply talk about any and everything.

Being at this event lit a fire under my butt to work on a tv idea I've been kicking around in my head of late. This morning, I awakened and wrote character breakdowns for my main characters. I'll flesh out my pilot episode before too long.

Yes, I'm 55 years blessed, but I'm still not too old to become the PROFESSIONALLY FULFILLED man I was born to be!

So, I'll keep on keepin' on.

And what will be, will be.