Friday, May 14, 2010

All Aboard

Yesterday, I took two busses to get to a catering gig.  When I boarded the first, I had no idea where to pay.  Turns out, you don't pay onboard this particular bus.  You purchase a tkt beforehand.  Just as if you're riding the subway.  Anyway, the bus took me to another bus, which took forever to come.  When I exited the second bus, I didn't have to walk too far to get to the house.  Getting back home, though, was gonna be an ordeal.  The bus didn't run at the time I left, so I was gonna have to walk three-plus miles to another bus stop.  Luckily for me, though, a co-worker drove me home instead.  And he was truly being kind because he lives in Long Beach, which is far, far and away from my place in North Hollywood.  Whew!  I don't know when I'll get a new car, but I hope & pray it's sooner rather than later!  Whew!

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