Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Low Can You Go?

Since we live in a world filled with fame junkies, it's no big surprise these days to discover that many people will do just about anything to get some recognition.  For local recognition, they'll kill their mother.  For national--their mother, father and dog.  For global--an entire school.  They'll sleep with anybody and videotape themselves doin' all sorts of other outlandish things.  In my 46 yrs of life, what I know for sure is that, if one wants to live a glorious, drama-free, envy-free life, he is best to live his life UNDER THE RADAR!  'Cause when one draws or seeks attention, he also draws a world of HEARTACHE to his doorstep, too!  NO THANKS!  How can I work as a tv  host and live under the radar?  I'll book the tv hosting gig first, then I'll figure it out!

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