Monday, October 4, 2010

I'll Be Damned!!!!!!

Earlier today I do indeed believe I was punked by someone on Facebook who was pretending to be someone I know.  And I think this because the person kept asking me questions that "he" should have already had answers to.  Anyway, the whole scenario was a weird exchange if ever there was one.  I wound up texting the person I thought I was talking to tell him I think someone has started a fake page for him.  He called me back but didn't leave a message, so I still don't know for certain that the page is fake.  But I'm almost certain it is.  Whether it is or isn't, I'm watchin' my back from now onward when it comes to Facebook.  I was punk'd!!!  And Ashton didn't come runnin' out from behind a wall or something to make me feel better either!!  Haaa!

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