Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dear Friend

Yesterday, I picked up a dear friend from the airport and proceeded to learn that he's two months late with his rent.  And that's a real no-no 'cause he's the property manager of the apt building he lives in.  Turns out he's flat broke.  And I mean FLAT broke!  Why doesn't this shock me?  Why doesn't it shock me when anyone is revealed to be cash poor?  It doesn't because it appears that most many people in this country are in the same boat.  I told my friend that I am submerged in a pool of water my damn self with only my head--from the lips up--above water! This book of mine just HAS to change my fortunes!  It HAS to!  Its success would do soooooo much for my POCKETS.  And my SELF-ESTEEM.  It's extremely difficult to feel like a MILLION DOLLARS when you're actually only walking around with 25 cents!!! --- My friend talked to his boss and has managed to keep his job.  AND his apartment.  For now, at least.  What his immediate future holds only GOD knows.  I wish him well, though.  Always have.  Always will.

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