Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Full Circle Moment

You never know life.  NEVER!  Last Sunday I worked a wedding gig for Crustacean and was shocked on THREE fronts!  1st: the clients were BLACK.  I have NEVER, EVER seen black clients at any of the parties I've worked for these folks.  Heck, I've hardly even seen black GUESTS!  2nd: one of the guests was the young dude I spoke about back in THIS post in March, 2010!  At first, when he called out my name and I realized who it was, it was if all the air had been sucked outta me.  I never let him see my discomfort (at least, I don't think I did).  I was cordial.  Downright pleasant, actually.  We talked briefly.  Then, when it was dessert time, we talked more.  And, honestly, our conversation was dang enjoyable.  He's a young fella, so all we went through last year is old news as far as we're both concerned.  He even apologized for being immature back then.  How 'bout that?  3rd: I realized that the groom was the SAME fella who came to my apartment to pay me for the youngun's past-due rent.  He didn't recognize me until I explained how we met.  He smiled, embraced me and said, "I'm happy you're here."  See, brothas can have disagreements and STILL show nothin' but LOVE to each other!!  --- Seeing both of them at that event wound up being more of a blessing than an embarrassment.  I was there as a cater-waiter.  They were there as client and guest.  And we ALL found enjoyment in the evening.  Period.  But what a full circle moment!!!  :)

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