Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Wanna Be More

Every time I sign onto Facebook I am guaranteed to read at least one post from someone, stating that he wants to be rich.  Or a millionaire.  Or able to take care of his family.  It's always about acquiring money.  These people want more than they perceive themselves to have already.  One, young man I'm particularly fond of posted something similar the other day.  Below is what I wrote to him in response:

"Jelani, my dear, handsome, intelligent friend, u are ALREADY EVERYTHING u've EVER wanted to be. U ALREADY have EVERYTHING u could EVER need. U are ENOUGH ALREADY...just as u ARE. What u should SEEK, HOPE & PRAY FOR is the REALIZATION that u ARE PHENOMENAL---JUST---AS---YOU---ARE. Challenge yourself to LOVE MORE...LAUGH MORE...GIVE MORE...TRUST MORE...and u'll BE more. I PROMISE."

I hope & pray to BE more myself.  Give more OF myself.  I have EVERYTHING I need.  I am EVERYTHING I've ever dreamed of being.  I...AM...ENOUGH...ALREADY.  And so are you.

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