Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On My Knees

During church last Sunday, I noticed a very handsome young man named, Cordell, weeping as the choir sang and the pastor spoke.  I watched him as he exited the sanctuary; roll of toilet paper in hand.  His eyes were bloodshot red and watery.  All I could do was wonder what he's going through.  What's causing him pain?  Or was he weeping with joy?  For some reason, I doubt joy was the cause.  When I see him next, I'm gonna ask him how he's doing.  I'm gonna make sure he knows he can talk to me if he'd like.  And I'm gonna hug him.  Perhaps that hug is all he needs anyway.  I'm also gonna refer him to CeCe Winans' song, He's Not On His Knees Yet.  'Cause, perhaps THAT'S where he really needs to be.  Anyway.

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