Monday, July 18, 2011

Just As I Am

It truly mystifies me how the moment you go to someone else with something you've created, it's never good enough just as it is.  It always needs tweaking.  Rearranging.  Rewriting.  Resculpting.  Retooling.  Re-something.  As I've matured, I've realized that people bring their own experiences to whatever they're presented.  What else can they do?  They can't always bring your experiences to a situation because they aren't you.  Or me.  One of my dearest friends sent back a critique of my book proposal I sent to her for her opinion.  And her opinion is precisely what I got.  No, it didn't ravage my work, but it was abundantly clear that she---a talented, book editor---didn't love it.  And that's all right.  But my question is this: if my proposal was read by 15 talented, book editors---I'd receive 15, similar or distinctly different critiques---but at what point would I, the writer, simply say, it is what it is?  I'm of the mindset that whatever it is one creates, if he just puts it out there for public consumption, those who relate to it, will come to it.  And, those who don't, won't.  Why are books and tv & film scripts written and rewritten a dozen times before we see them?  Surely what the artist originally created is no longer.  How could it be?  When a child is created, you get what you get at its birth.  And I like it that way.  I really do.  Why should a book, script, song, be written just like everybody else's?  I know why.  Because most people simply don't like ANYTHING in its natural state.  Because most people don't believe ANYTHING can be any good just as it is/was originally conceived.  Well, I'm gonna truly listen to the words of my talented, book editor friend.  But, no, I won't search for a ghost writer (her suggestion); nor will I run to a class (also her suggestion).  And I won't do any of those things because the purpose for being directed to do so is so my writing is like everybody else's.  When God created me, he created ME.  And I'm the ONLY me he created.  No rewrites.  No ghost Gods.  No classes.  He simply made a boy who is INCREDIBLE---TALENTED---LOVING---EMPATHETIC---PERSONABLE---CREATIVE---and ACCEPTING...JUST AS I AM.    

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