Monday, July 4, 2011

Sweet Land Of Liberty

This Fourth Of July weekend has been a good time.  I spent Saturday at a terrific barbeque, hosted by a friend of a friend.  The hostess was a knockout!  And her pitbull, Otis, was awesome, too!!!  --- Last night, I went to my fave haunt, THE ABBEY.  The place was packed!  Okay---jam-packed!  I could see the younger crowd, having the time of their lives.  Reminded me of when I was there age, walking into a bar & thinking I owned the world!  I still wish black, gay guys were kinder to each other.  But, as they mature, perhaps they'll feel what I feel.  Anyway, one guy I know was there with another dude who wound up getting into a fight outside the establishment.  I am soooo thankful it was outside the place, but I wish it hadn't happened at all.  Despite the fact that those fighting truly only represent themselves, I know--to "others"--that they represent all black & latino guys.  I'm not sure why some people can't manage avoid physical confrontations at all cost, but I am sure that that kind of behavior is NOT wanted at THE ABBEY.  Not by the bar's owners, employees NOR customers!! --- It is 6:27 PM and I am in for the night.  I'll step outside to water some plants and possibly go to the grocery store for yogurt or something, but not goin' out to party.  No, sirree, Bob! --- To this entire nation, though, I say, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

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