Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When I'm Back On My Feet Again

Over this past, Fourth of July Weekend, I oftentimes found myself thinking about how I would attack this week, determined to get myself gainful employment doing something I love!  Saturday night, as I sat in the comfy home of a beautiful young lady named, Amanda, I thought about it.  Sunday, as I stood in The Abbey amongst a horde of folks, I thought about it.  Monday, when I sat in a restaurant with a friend and his friends, I thought about it.  Every time I make a move these days, I think about the day I will be able to live as freely as I used to.  When I had a regular paycheck.  When I had no need for a roommate.  When I had no need for a car.  When I could walk into a travel agency and purchase a plane ticket without worry.  A part of me doesn't feel as powerful and confident as I usually am; because I don't have the finances to live as I want.  I have run, kicking & screaming, from a 9-to-5 job for dang near 15 years.  That's not the life for me and I know it.  I'm supposed to be working 15-hour days, doing what I love:  talking.  As myself!!  And, then, it won't be work.  It'll just be me being me.  Today I did indeed take a huge foot forward toward booking work as a host/moderator.  So, yes, I truly believe I'll again see the sun.  Might take time, might take time, but I'll see it.  When I'm Back On My Feet Again!!!!!!!!!

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