Saturday, August 6, 2011

There's A Thief Among Us

After I attended a volunteer's meeting for the HollyShorts Film Festival, I walked back to the subway.  Before I got there, I stopped and ducked into the entry way of a closed theater to talk on the phone with my boy, T.Y.  I plopped my day planner onto a top of newspapers so I could sit on it.  After I was done talking, I got up and headed toward the subway.  I stopped and talked to a kid who had just walked out of Katsuya Restaurant after his job interview.  Anyway, I talked with this kid for twenty minutes or so before I realized I had forgotten my day planner in the entry way of the theater.  I immediately stopped talking mid-sentence and ran back to get the day planner. was GONE!!!  Can you believe that?  Somebody stole the darn thing!  What would they want with MY day planner?  What a bummer.  I have things written in it that I'd like to keep, but, alas, it's gone.  So, I hightailed my butt over to Target and bought a new one.  A much smaller version of mine.  But made by the same company.  Moral of story:  DON'T sit on my day planners anymore!  Geez!

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