Sunday, September 25, 2011

CAM Of Many Talents

I just returned from church.  And I have to admit, I saw a few signs there that my life is FINALLY heading into the right direction.  First, SHARON YOUNGBLOOD, a vocalist whose voice is sent straight down from Heaven, sang, AGNUS DEI, by Michael Smith.  This is a song I've been obsessed with lately after hearing a little Brazilian boy sing it on a singing competition show.  Secondly, today's sermon was about possessing multiple talents but only using one.  Touré, my pastor, said something that deeply penetrated my soul. He said that God doesn't like when he has given us five talents, but we only use one. He said that those of us who were blessed with multiple talents only utilize one because we don't have faith in the others. I was struck by his message that laziness is really fear. Fear of failure. And it's also masked depression. Which is also fear of failure. Hmm. --- Tonight I have a lot to plan. I have to plan how to share my knowledge about showbiz with the church. I have to plan how to market my multiple talents: voice-over, hosting, moderating discussions, creative writing, teaching & acting. I am blessed beyond description. I've allowed fear to stifle these blessings long enough. This week is gonna be somethin'. I sense it.

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