Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just Right!

I just left church an hour ago and feel compelled to share what I heard.  Pastor Touré Roberts introduced us to screenwriter, MICHAEL ELLIOT.  Michael is the writer of the films, Brown Sugar, Just Wright and Like Mike.  Michael's testimony was powerful.  It illustrated that perseverance and commitment to an endeavor WILL bring about success.  He touched on many of his ups & downs in show business before he found where he was supposed to be:  screenwriting.  What a powerful message he gifted us with.  I know MY life is SUPPOSED to be RICHER and MORE ABUNDANT than it is at present.  COMMITMENT is where I'm falling short.  Sticking to my writing deadline for my children's book is key.  It'll show what I'm made of!  And I know I'm made of MORE than I'm showing the world at the moment.  I have work to do.  And to that work I shall go!!!  --- Michael's testimony is below.

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