Saturday, November 26, 2011

Curbside Service

This morning, I hopped into my silver, Dodge Caliber rental and boogied over to LAX to pick up my friend, Chris, his wife and his precocious eight-yr-old son.  They celebrated Thanksgiving in South Carolina and Atlanta.  Anyway, luckily for them, I had a big enough car to accommodate all their dang luggage.  You would've thought they'd been gone on a two week expedition!  Geez!  I was truly happy to pick them up.  Chris offered me $40 to do it, but he's my FRIEND.  I couldn't take money from him for doing what friends SHOULD do.  Instead, I told him to buy me two drinks when we go out next.  Heck, my mama didn't raise no fools!  Haaa!  Speaking of drinks, I think I just might concoct me one in just a few.  Bacardi Limon & orange juice.  Why not????  :) :)   

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