Monday, November 28, 2011

It All Begins With You (Me)

Yesterday my pastor said something that truly resonated with me.  He said that many of us pray to God to change the circumstances in our lives when, in reality, what we should be praying to God for is to change US.  I know where I'm concerned, that's precisely what I MUST do.  The life I'm currently living is a direct result of the choices I'VE made.  I am the reason I am living in this woefully-in-need-of-updating two-bedroom apartment.  I am the reason I can't afford to fly WHEREver I wanna go WHENnever I wanna go.  I am the reason I rent a car when I need one instead of owning one.  I am the reason professional fulfillment eludes me.  And only I---with GOD's blessing---can change things!  So, God, I say...right here...and right now...please change ME.  The very moment you do that...with MY help, of circumstances will change, too.  It all begins with me.  The secret of life is walking closer to The Truth.  Amen.  

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