Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let Me Tell You Why

Lately I've been tossin' and turnin' a particular thought over & over in my head.  I've been meaning to speak on it but just didn't know where to begin.  Well, no better place to begin something than the beginning. goes. --- Every time I click onto the internet or step outside my house...if I see black women, I see a black woman wearing a weave, extensions or a flat-out wig.  EVERYWHERE I go.  The grocery store.  Park.  Drugs store.  Nightclub.  Church.  Everywhere!  And every time I see them, I ask myself, "Why?"  Why do they want long, straight hair?  Or long, curly hair?  Or long, blonde, straight hair?  Or long, blonde, curly hair?  Why?  Why is their natural hair covered virtually every time they leave their homes?  There are women I've seen at church for damn near a year now, and some I've seen since I moved to L.A. in 2000, and have never seen them without somebody else's hair on their heads.  And, truth be told, I think I know why.  --- I realize that here in Hollywood and in this nation's fashion capital, New York City, the heavily publicized standard of beauty is set by white men & women.  Thus, People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful lists are always composed of 99.9% Caucasian people.  And 99.9% of the films shown in movie theaters and the shows on television are composed of 99.9% Caucasian performers.  And the magazine covers are graced by 99.9% Caucasian people.  The people who run the television networks and movie studios and publishing companies and record companies and fashion houses are 99.9% Caucasian.  I get it:  the black women I see wearing weaves, extensions and wigs (excluding those with natural hair loss) have obviously bought into what the 99.9% constantly tell them about beauty.  What I know for sure is that I want people to be happy.  And I know that true happiness originates from within.  So, if this means I have to love my sistahs harder and stronger till they see their phenomenal worth, I'll have to do just that.  'Cause it's painfully apparent to me that far too many of them don't truly believe that God doesn't make mistakes.

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