Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pariah, The Incredible Movie

KIM WAYANS as "Audrey"

pa-ri-ah [puh-rahy-uh]
1.  an outcast.
2.  any person or animal that is generally despised or avoided.
Last week I was blessed by GOD to see the screening of the new film, PARIAH.  It's the story of a black, teenage lesbian and her struggle to live the life she was born to live.  I'm tellin' you, the stellar performances of the cast were enough to sing the praises of this film.  But I must admit that the story itself was quite phenomenal, too!  The lead actress, ADEPERO ODUYE, was simply sensational!  I couldn't take my eyes off her.  The actor who portrayed her father, CHARLES PARNELL, was also terrific.  I particularly enjoyed what KIM WAYANS brought to the table as the mother.  I've only seen Kim be funny.  So, seeing her suit up with drama was a refreshing change of pace.  And I truly felt for her character.  As much or more than I did for Adepero's as her tormented daughter.  I sincerely hope & pray this film does enough box office to garner more work for/from the writer/director, DEE REES.  I enjoyed the film a great deal and look forward to seeing it again!

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