Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Radio Days

Wabash College Radio

Loyola University Maryland

WLOY Radio DJ, Alex Namin

Way back in the early '80s I used to read the news on the Wabash College radio station, WNDY 91.3.  I loved that gig.  I went on to spin records, too.  Back then, radio stations weren't as heavily formatted as they are today.  So, I played whatever I wanted to play.  As I type, I'm listening to the college radio station of Loyola University in Maryland (WLOY).  DJ ALEX NAMIN is spinnin' the tunes!  Up till a few moments ago I was texting him real time while he's on the air, but I typed something to him he didn't want his boss to read and told me in no uncertain terms to kick rocks!  Haaaa!  God bless the youngun!  He sounds so mature over the air.  I can't believe almost 20 yrs ago I was standing in the hospital with his mom & dad moments after he was BORN!!!!

P.S.  I was just reminded that I should've included one of my fave, Fraternity Brothers, JOSEPH BRIAN BEVELHIMER, as an "assistant DJ" with me.  I distinctly remember him having me play Meatloaf's "PARADISE BY THE DASHBOARD LIGHT."  LOVED that song!!!!  It's STILL a classic to my ears!

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  1. I remember that you used to have some help choosing those tunes, back in the basement of Old Yandes Hall.