Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rocky Road


Last night I watched an episode of A&E's Intervention that rocked me to the core!  It was a story about former, boxing great, ROCKY LOCKRIDGE, and his family's desire to save him from a life of drugs & alcohol.  The man's story is incredible.  I was sooooo incredibly moved by the testimonies of his twin sons, RICKY JR and LAMAR LOCKRIDGE.  Their tearful descriptions of their feelings of abandonment had me crying like a baby!  I've since sent a link to the episode to all my siblings.  I want them to see what I saw.  And I wanna know if they felt what I felt after watching it:  that we should be MORE THAN THANKFUL for the father we had!!!!  --- I just added Ricky Jr to my Twitter list.  And I sent him a note, too.  I wish his family the best.  And I hope & pray Rocky Lockridge remains clean & sober until his dying day. --- See the entire episode, "ROCKY," right HERE.

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