Monday, November 28, 2011

That's What She Said

Bené Viera

I just discovered a blog written by a black, female feminist.  And boy oh boy does she have a lot to say on a lot of subjects.  Her name is Bené Viera.  The post I stumbled across was her take on Tyler Perry and what she deems his "issues" with black women.  I have listened to far too many folks loudly regurgitate their persecution opinions of Tyler's writing abilities, alleged homosexuality, etc.  Enough already is my response to all of 'em!  If you don't like his work, don't patronize it.  No need to try your damnedest to make sure NOBODY ELSE enjoys his work, either.  I read Bene's blog post from beginning to end.  I read her readers' comments.  And I STILL say, if you don't like his work, don't view it.  Simple as that.  From where I'm sitting, the man does what he does.  Some of it I've enjoyed.  Some of it, I haven't.  Same as with every other artist who presents his/her work for public consumption.  If casting Kim Kardashian in his latest project has black women in a tizzy, I say, puhleeeeeeze!  I'm sure there's something more urgent to tend to than worry about whom Tyler casts in HIS films!  Emphasis on HIS, thank you very much! --- From time to time, I'll still check out her blog, though.  She seems interesting!

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