Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear God...


I haven't thought about helping a singer build his career since my SCOTT PEOPLE days!  Oh, how I wanted to move the heavens and earth to get Scott's incredible voice into the public's consciousness.  We accomplished what we accomplished, then we quietly parted ways and that was that.  Well, here it is January 2012 and I'm gettin' that hankering to help another vocalist:  ALVESTER.  He seems to have everything going for him.  A great look.  A good voice.  And he can dance!  The only other piece to the puzzle he's in dire need of is someone to push for him.  The performer can't do it all himself.  A part of me wants to do whatever I can do to lead him to "The Promised Land."  But, the other part of me---the LOUDEST part---isn't sure I want to expend so much time and energy toward doing what's necessary to make him a bankable, international star!  'Cause it takes damn near EVERY, WAKING HOUR!!! --- Well, I'm gonna take this situation to the Lord in prayer.  Before too long I'll know what to do.
---Photographs of Alvester Martin by Natalie Young.  

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