Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gun Hill Road


I just returned from attending a screening of an excellent film: GUN  HILL ROAD. The screening was in conjunction with the Film Independent Spirit Awards.  I had seen the trailer for the movie last summer or so and could tell it was indeed a film I'd want to see.  The story revolves around the homecoming of an ex-con to a wife who had found someone new and a teenage son who longed to be a teenage daughter.  Needless to say, the ex-con and his son don't quite see eye to eye.  

Esai Morales, as the father, infuses his role with emotional depth that I know measures a hundred feet deep!  I felt for this man on soooo many levels.  Even when he wasn't making the wisest decisions I rooted for him.  Judy Reyes, of SCRUBS fame, portrayed the committed wife of the ex-con and the lovingly understanding mother of the effeminate son.  Now, that brings us to the son.  Whoa!!  Newcomer, HARMONY SANTANA, who is an actual, transgender woman, brought a tender, yet in-your-face reality to her character that I truly doubt even the greatest biological, female actress could muster.  And, yes, that includes the mighty Meryl Streep.  Although I'd love to see Meryl take a whack at it.  All in all, this film, along with PARIAH, are my two, favorite films of the year thus far.  I might even have to break down and buy myself a copy of both!!!

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