Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm Writing This Post On Purpose!

I am watching Oprah's Lifeclass On Tour as I type.  Bishop T.D. Jakes and Lady O are discussing living our lives on purpose.  They are now talking to a young lady who is the legal guardian of her young nephew because his father (her brother) is incarcerated.  Not sure where the little boy's mother is.  Anyway, the aunt is feeling that the little boy is getting in the way of her life and she doesn't want to feel bad about not loving the boy the way she wishes she should.  T.D. and Oprah are certainly asking her some very important questions.  She seems to be truly listening.  God bless her.  And God bless that little boy. --- When I went to return my rental car today I saw one of my fave salesmen.  I told him I missed seeing him last Friday when I picked up the car.  He told me that he was away because he had to go back to AZ to get to the bottom of his two-yr-old daughter testing positive for cocaine.  Come again, I thought!  Turns out her mother was arrested last week with a DUI conviction.  The daughter was tested, too, for some reason, and, lo' & behold, she wound up positive with drugs in her system, too.  Now, the little girl is in the hands of Child Protective Services.  Wow!  I told the salesman I'd say a prayer for him and his family.  And I have.  It'll be interesting to find out how this all plays out. --- I am watching this Lifeclass because I am in the process of changing my life and living it on purpose.  I am too talented. Too kind.  Too smart.  And too ALIVE to NOT be living on and/or with purpose.  The recent, professional success of a guy I know has shaken me to my core.  I am genuinely happy for him.  Honestly, I am.  But I am also genuinely envious of his success.  And there's no reason to be because what he did to garner the success, I can do.  Plain and simple.  Sowing the seeds to get our professional gardens to grow is the hard work.  It's what separates the haves from the have nots.  I'm sick & tired of being the latter.  Enough said, though.  I have work to do.   

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