Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's About That Time

All my life I have run/walked/crawled/skipped away from confrontation.  But, the time has come to make a definitive decision about the children's book I wrote last year.  At the time, I was psyched about collaborating with a phenomenal, young artist who lives in TX.  He created four, stunning illustrations for the book, then...nothing.  I have called him and left messages.  I have e-mailed him.  Still...nothing.  He eventually e-mailed a message that was written in a rhetoric he seems to enjoy but others find undecipherable.  Well, I understood it.  It said---without saying---that I need to find a new illustrator.  So, although I don't like the idea of having to move on without him, I reckon he's made this decision a lot less difficult than I thought.  Thus, it looks like my book and I are HAPPILY on our merry way to KEMPVILLE!

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