Friday, April 6, 2012

Pet Peeve #4

I can't stand when someone rings my doorbell and I'm not expecting a visitor and/or delivery.  Usually when I answer the door in those instances it's either someone wanting to sell me magazines or introduce me to God.  On a few occasions it's been a friend.  And once, shocker of shockers, it was a PAROLE OFFICER!!!!  And I had no idea the person renting my spare room at the time had any reason to have a parole officer!  Well, I'm saying all this to say that early this morning my doorbell rang twice.  I ignored it both times because I wasn't expecting anyone.  I went outside maybe an hour or so after the first ring and lo' and behold the ringer was simply sitting on the front stoop.  Waiting!  When I walked out of the house, he jumped up immediately and said, "Oh, I must be at the wrong house!"  Turns out he was looking for a guy who lives in the building next to mine, so he could get his taxes done.  Luckily for him I knew who he wanted and directed him to the guy's place.  Now that I think about it, I could have saved the fella a lot of time if I had just opened the door and helped him in the first place.  Oh well!!!!!  :/

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