Monday, April 2, 2012

Reading Myself The Riot Act

I am bound & determined to finish reading Robert McKee's book about writing a screenplay, STORY.  Today I've sat in the park reading.  I've sat behind my apartment building.  And I'm gonna read in bed later.  I AM going to finish that darn thing so I can get on with actually writing the screenplay!  By the time I finish reading the book I hope & pray I have a definitive story I want to tell.  'Cause, as it stands, I'm not really sure WHAT I'm going to write.  I mean, I know the story's setting and several of its characters.  But I don't know what I'm going to say about the characters.  See, where I am right now in the process is what most writers refer to as writer's block.  When, in reality, writer's block is simply a kind way of saying that the writer has NOTHING to say at the moment!!!!!

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