Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Talk About Making An Entrance!

GCH Jaset's Satisfaction "London"

Last Sunday, while sitting on an oh-so-comfy couch with a resident in the assisted-living residence where I volunteer, I picked up a colossal, dog show magazine.  The resident has a subscription to the publication because she used to be a celebrated, dog show judge.  Anyway, as I flipped through the magazine, I came across an image that almost took my breath away.  The image was of a sleek, black, standard poodle named, "London."  Or, more formally: GCH Jaset's Satisfaction "London."  The "GCH" stands for Grand Champion. --- I'm tellin' you, London looks so majestic I suspect she has her own servants!  Geez, what a beauty!!!!!  Seriously, one look at that beautiful creature and I had to learn more about her; which I did right HERE & HERE.

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