Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All In One

Since November 2011 one of my friends has been waiting to be paid for a terrific commercial in which he was the star.  His agent told him that the agency's legal team is investigating the matter and might sue to get the funds.  Well, today, my friend got the notion to simply call the commercial's production company himself.  He was NOT expecting what he discovered:  a woman at the company told him that the check had been mailed to his agency within two weeks of his work date.  AND...that the check was cashed by his AGENT!!  Whoa!!!!  Come again!  Yep, the same agent who has told him the check never arrived is the SAME agent who CASHED the check two weeks after the commercial was filmed!  What a scumbag!!!!  My friend is driving over to the SAG-AFTRA offices first thing tomorrow morning and telling them everything he knows because his agency is SAG franchised.  

If I've said it once, I've said a million times, the ONLY person on this planet we can ever truly know is OURSELVES!  I hope and pray that the agent is confronted with his thievery and receives some kind of legal punishment.  Karma will do what it does, I'm sure.  And when it does, I hope my friend gets his money.   

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