Thursday, May 3, 2012

Darnell "Dynasty" Young

Darnell "Dynasty" Young

I just read an article about a gay, young man in Indianapolis, Darnell "Dynasty" Young, who might be expelled from his high school for defending himself with a stun gun against bullies.  Turns out he has been subjected to all sorts of bullying at the school: rocks thrown at him, being spit on, called names, etc.  No, I don't condone bringing any kind of weapon to school to physically confront anyone, but, at what point, is enough enough?  Of course, my hope is that the school's administrators and his mom work out something that all parties find acceptable.  NOBODY deserves to be taunted and teased simply because they look, walk, talk or dress differently than you do!  NOBODY!

 I have to admit, though, after watching the video of him performing in his school's talent show, along with three females as his background dancers, he showed EVERYBODY that he has more energy and commitment to his talent than ALL those young ladies---COMBINED!!!!  Geez!  Take a look at his story and watch his talent show performance below!  God bless him!!!!!

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