Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Build Anyway

After a stellar, 46-yr career at Penn State University, Joe Paterno is now truly dead in the eyes of the university.  The statue erected on campus of his likeness was removed to make the healing process easier.  Or so said the powers-that-be of the institution.  Prior to the Sandusky atrocities, "Papa Joe" was almost a deity at the school.  Everybody, young and old, sang his praises.  Now, nobody wants to remember he was ever there.  And that's what gets me about this world in which we live.  People build you up to tear you down.  And they can do it in a heartbeat.

When I think about how swiftly Joe was demonized for failing to do more to protect the children Sandusky allegedly molested, I have to acknowledge the devastation the court of public opinion can rain down on any of us.  At any time. Yes, I wish the entire Sandusky debacle didn't exist.  And I also wish that Joe Paterno had absolutely nothing to do with any of it.  His professional legacy is gone.  Kaput.  Just like that.  Well, although a similar end could come to anyone who works his heinie off to build something great, we all must STILL adhere to the solemn advice of Mother Teresa:

"What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build Anyway."

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